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Biden says he will not immediately withdraw tariffs imposed on China

Biden says he will not immediately withdraw tariffs imposed on China Image: Jason Lee / Pool / AFP

Democrat Joe Biden, a virtual winner of the United States presidential election, said today that he will not withdraw the taxes applied to China by the current American President, Donald Trump, and will not make “immediate moves” until he develops a strategy with Asian and European partners, according to an interview with Thomas Friedman, columnist for The New York Times.

Biden also said that the United States will not negotiate new trade agreements until it has made “significant investments” in the country and its workers.

“I will ensure that we will fight like never before to invest first in the United States,” he added.

Regarding trade war, Biden said he would not withdraw the 25% tariffs on Chinese exports imposed by Trump or the current government’s agreement with Beijing to buy $ 200 billion in American products and services in exchange for concessions, which is not being done. honored.

“The best strategy with China is one in which our allies – or at least those they used to be – are on the same page. It will be a priority in the first weeks of my presidency to return to the same page with our allies,” he said.

Biden said the focus was on “progressing against China’s abusive practices”, such as theft of intellectual property, dumping, illegal subsidies and technology transfer by companies based in the Asian giant, according to the Democrat.

The likely future American president seems to have listened to the tens of millions of Americans who supported Trump in 2016 and said that there are many citizens “who feel forgotten”: “I think we have forgotten them”, he analyzed.

“I think I did a good thing for the country by ensuring that Donald Trump will not be president for another four years,” he noted.

Biden said it is vital to approve a second stimulus package because “there are more than 10 million people who are concerned about how they are going to pay their mortgage”, and many others who cannot afford rent.

The Democrat also advocated raising taxes on higher incomes to balance the pockets and prevent some of the country’s largest companies from continuing to pay taxes.

Regarding the nuclear deal with Iran, established in 2015 and from which Trump withdrew the U.S., Biden said he intends to return the country to the pact.

“In talks with our partners, we will negotiate new agreements to strengthen and extend nuclear restrictions to Iran and its missile program over time,” said Biden.

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