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Bolsonaro will be charged with 11 crimes, including murder

Senator Renan Calheiros, rapporteur of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) that investigates the management of the pandemic, announced that Jair Bolsonaro should be indicted for 11 crimes, including murder.

The rapporteur of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) that investigates alleged failures and omissions of the Brazilian Executive in the management of the pandemic, Senator Renan Calheiros, announced that Jair Bolsonaro should be accused of 11 crimes.

Calheiros, who will present the final investigation report next week, told the radio CBN that he must accuse the President of an epidemic resulting in death; infringement of sanitary measures; irregular employment of public funds; incitement to crime; forgery of private document; quackery; malfeasance; genocide of indigenous peoples; crime against humanity; liability crime; and murder by omission.

The senator explained that the murder charge means, in this case, that the President did not fulfill his legal duty to prevent the death of thousands of Brazilians during the pandemic.

In addition to the Brazilian head of state, ministers, former ministers and children de Bolsonaro are also expected to appear on the list of defendants.

After the presentation of the final investigation report, on October 19, the expectation is that the report will be voted on the very next day (20), advances the G1 portal. Then, the text will be sent to the Brazilian Public Ministry, responsible for deciding whether or not to carry out the requests made by the CPI.

This Friday, Jair Bolsonaro chose to mock the possible accusation of murder made by this commission. “Did you know I was indicted for murder today? The CPI indicted me for murder. Renan Calheiros indicted me for murder. Eleven crimes”, said the President, between laughs, in a conversation with supporters at the Palácio da Alvorada, his official residence.

“What we spend on emergency aid [subsídio dado a desempregados na pandemia] was the equivalent of 13 years of Bolsa Família [programa social criado pelo ex-Presidente Lula da Silva]. There are individuals who still criticize. Renan calls me a murderer. A bad guy like that. Bandit is a compliment to him. (…) Renan thinks I’m not going to sleep because he’s calling me a murderer, he’s ‘slutty’.”

“What is going through Renan Calheiros’s mind at that CPI? (…) What is going through your head with this indictment? This indictment, for the whole world, is that I am a murderer. I didn’t see any head of state [governador estadual] be accused of murder in Brazil because of the pandemic and look I gave them all money“he further stated.

The Commission was installed in the Brazilian Senate last April and, since then, it has been investigating signs of numerous irregularities, ranging from the government’s defense of ineffective drugs against the disease, to possible cases of corruption in the negotiation of vaccines.

Marked by several controversies and revelations, the CPI heard more than 50 people, including ministers and former ministers, health specialists, businessmen, lawyers, civil servants, among others, and also addressed alleged failures in the management of the pandemic, such as the delay in the acquisition of vaccines or the oxygen crisis in the Amazon, which killed dozens of patients by asphyxiation.

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