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Cat rescued after days stuck in pillar on top of US highway

Cat was stuck on a highway pillar and was rescued by police and firefighters in Texas (USA) Image: Reproduction / KTSM

A cat was in trouble for several days when he was stuck on the top of a highway pillar in the state of Texas, in the United States. The yellowish feline was rescued by local authorities already in a state of dehydration and undergoes veterinary care.

The animal was spotted above Interstate 10 on Wednesday (30), but the rescue operation was carried out only a few days later, when a woman became concerned about the animal. It appears in a video posted on Facebook, which shows the moment when a firefighter climbs a ladder and removes the pussy from heights.

According to the television channel KTSM-TV, the operation was attended by the Police Department and the El Paso Fire Department, in addition to the Texas Department of Transportation. Officials at the animal protection organization El Paso Animal Services were the ones who welcomed the cat.

The animal received intravenous fluids to combat dehydration and showed no injuries. According to the organization’s chief veterinarian, Alana Canupp, the cat may have ended up on the pillar of the bridge after it got inside the engine of a vehicle because of the cold weather.

“He was probably climbing into a car’s engine to keep warm. He probably hitched a ride in someone’s car inside the engine,” Canupp guessed. “He fell, he was lucky not to be hit [pelos carros] and went down to the pillar “.

El Paso Animal Services hopes to make the cat available for adoption soon so that he can have a healthy life away from the dangers of the streets and car engines.

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