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Children are separated by chalk squares around classes in France

The gradual return to classes in France, since the day before yesterday, has demanded some adaptations of educational institutions amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, a preschool in Tourcoing, found an alternative solution to keep the distance between small students: demarcated, on the floor, where they should stay.

In images published by BFM TV — and released by the channel’s journalist Lionel Top on social media — it is possible to see children sitting inside squares drawn in chalk, in an external courtyard, or in demarcated locations.

The journalist explained that the measures were adopted so that the students, in the age of 4, maintained a safe distance from each other, respecting the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization). The initiative to delimit the spaces on the ground was the idea of the school itself, without being a national determination.

“A teacher who was by my side while I took the pictures told me how much it hurt his heart, because the school itself is a place of socialization, of contact between children, and seeing them in these spaces hurt in them too,” Top wrote on Twitter.

The gradual return to classes was announced last week. Primary schools were the first to reopen, with classes limited to 15 students per class. On the other hand, elementary school should return to places where the infection rate is decreasing. High school students, however, should not resume activities before June.

France has 178,184 confirmed cases and 27,077 deaths from covid-19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, a reference in coronavirus research. Today, the country has been surpassed by Brazil in the number of diagnosed and appears in seventh place in the list of most infected countries.

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