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Colombia is getting ready for vaccine at the time of approaching 1 million cases of coronavirus

24.03.2020 – Member of the Red Cross, at El Dorado airport in Bogotá Image: Corbis via Getty Images

In a warehouse near Bogotá airport, behind a heavy cold storage door, are boxes and boxes of life-saving vaccines, from yellow fever to polio, awaiting transport to the four corners of Colombia.

The tall shelves, kept at 5 degrees Celsius, are semi-empty – leaving plenty of room for a future vaccine against covid-19.

Colombia is expected to become the eighth country in the world to pass 1 million infections by the disease this Saturday (24).

While scientists around the world rush to find a vaccine, Colombia says it is ready to distribute any that prove to be effective.

His state of readiness is due to decades of working on a free government immunization program that offers 21 vaccines to everyone in the South American nation – with one of the region’s most generous vaccine supplies.

“We have a really strong vaccination program, which serves as a model and which will incorporate the new formula that will come against the covid,” Gerardo Burgos, secretary general of the Ministry of Health, told Reuters news agency.

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