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Covid-19. New daily record of deaths in Russia

With a high unvaccinated rate, Russia is struggling to control the new covid-19 wave, having recorded a new daily high in covid-19 deaths.

Even after the Russian President offered a week of “vacation” to Russian citizens to control the pandemic, Russia registered, this Thursday, a new record of deaths due to covid-19, with 1,251 deaths in the last 24 hours, the second day in a row that the country surpasses its daily death record.
In addition to this high number of deaths, 37,374 new covid-19 infections were added, a slight drop from the peak of infections recorded on the 6th of November, when 41,335 infections were reported.
The country reached this milestone shortly after most Russian regions went on a “paid holiday” for all non-essential workers to stem the pandemic’s spread, with the Russian government imposing a quarantine and a week-long work stoppage .

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