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Dead man ‘resurrects’ after three hours in morgue in Kenya

Peter Kigen, 32, was presumed dead in Kenya, but woke up after three hours Image: Reproduction / Youtube / KTN News Kenya

Peter Kigen, 32, was pronounced dead at a hospital in Kericho County, Kenya, but woke up three hours later, already in the morgue, on Tuesday night (24). At the time, professionals were preparing to embalm the patient, when they noticed him moving.

Peter had been taken to the hospital after passing out the morning of that day. His brother, Kevin Kipkurui, took charge of registering him at the hospital and acquiring all the necessary documentation.

However, the concerned family member was surprised at around 7:45 pm (local time) when he was told that his brother was already dead. “A nurse told me that he died long before we got to the hospital,” reported Kevin, according to The Standard.

It was only then around 10:30 pm that the family discovered that Peter was still alive. “The undertaker called me to the morgue and we saw him [Peter] make moves. We were shocked. We couldn’t understand how they could put a person who is still alive in the morgue, “said the brother.

On the other hand, the hospital’s medical superintendent, Gilbert Cheruiyot, pointed out that Peter’s own family would have hurried to take him to the basement even before the patient’s death certificate was issued.

“They [os m├ędicos] asked relatives of [Peter] Kigen to give them some time, but they accused the doctors of taking too long and decided to take him to the morgue, “explained Gilbert.

In addition, the superintendent claims that medical staff specialists were busy attending to other critically ill patients when Peter was taken to the morgue.

As soon as the declared dead man started to move, an undertaker examined him. Realizing that he was still alive, he referred the patient to a resuscitation process. Three hours later, Peter stabilized. He is undergoing treatment and should be discharged within a few days.

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