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Democratic deputy reports police misconduct during raid

14.Apr.2020 – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democratic parliamentarian elected in 2018 and who has become one of the main voices critical of President Donald Trump Image: Getty Images

Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the main voices opposed to Donald Trump within the US Congress, reported having witnessed what she called “acts of great treason” by Capitol police officers, seat of Parliament, during the invasion from the last day 6.

In an interview with MSNBC TV’s “Rachel Maddow Show”, Alexandria avoided generalizations and said she had witnessed police misconduct by some agents. Others, on the other hand, were “great heroes” and prevented violence within Congress from being even more intense, she said.

The US Parliament building was invaded by pro-Donald Trump groups, the president will leave the country next Wednesday (20), the day of Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The still president, who is accused of having encouraged hostile acts and the invasion that resulted in five deaths and more than one hundred people arrested, does not accept the result of the ballot box and maintains the narrative that the election would have been rigged. Now, he could be subject to an impeachment process in Congress, if the crime of “inciting insurrection”.

Among the groups that express loyalty to Trump, considered a conservative leader, there are a significant number of police, ex-military and militarism enthusiasts.

In his report to “MSNBC”, Alexandria stated that, during the invasion, there were times when it became difficult to “distinguish the good guys from the bad guys”. According to her, cornered, parliamentarians did not know that some policemen were there “to hurt or to help”.

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