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Doctors confuse pregnancy with a virus; patient gives birth at home live

Natosha Kramer, 32, gave birth at home after being discharged from the hospital and transmitted the birth live Image: Reproduction

Natosha Kramer, 32, went to a hospital in Ohio, in the United States, complaining of stomach pains, but ended up being discharged after being diagnosed with stomach viruses. Back home, she discovered with surprise that she was in labor and gave birth to a baby in a live broadcast on Facebook.

The case occurred on June 12, when Kramer went to the Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, with vomiting and strong contractions.

Since the doctors did not diagnose her correctly, she gave birth to her daughter Nola at home, in the bathtub, and decided to register everything on Facebook as it happened.

“I wanted the memory of the birth, regardless of whether I was in a hospital or at my home,” Kramer reported, according to the website of the British newspaper Daily Mirror.

“O [disque-emergência] 911 on the phone advised my father to find a rope for [cortar] the umbilical cord. Then, in a panic, he tried to take the laces off his own shoe, but luckily the paramedics came at this moment “, recalled the first time mother.

Even without medical monitoring throughout the procedure, the delivery was successful and the baby and mother are doing well. Kramer, however, was unable to obtain the child’s birth certificate or obtain government assistance.

The obstacle occurs because the baby was not born in a hospital. “They keep telling me that, due to covid-19, [o processo legal de obter a certidão] it may take up to a year, but it really is not my fault that I gave birth at home “, lamented the mother.

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