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English students must be vaccinated to attend classes

The British government will be considering the mandatory presentation of a vaccination certificate against covid-19 in classrooms, auditoriums and university residences, with no alternative measures such as a negative test or proof of immunity being foreseen in the measure.

Starting next school year, English university students may have to add a new element to their range of material. This is because the presentation of a proof that attests to taking the vaccine against covid-19.

The possibility, suggested by the teams, was approached for the first time by Vicky Ford, British Minister of Education, who did not disregard it. “I think it’s very important that young people go forward and decide to get vaccinated,” he told the program BBC Radio 4’s Today.

“Obviously, I cannot comment on measures that have not yet been announced, but it is necessary consider its practicality to ensure that we get students back safely, and to ensure that we continue to prioritize education,” said Ford.

When asked whether the measure was actually being considered, the government official was evasive in stating that the government is “always considering everything that can be done so that all children and young people are safe in education“.

In this sense, the most important weapon to keep transmission levels low, he recalled, is to guarantee “that people get vaccinated”.

The answer was an advance compared to the answer given previously, in an interview with sky, in which Vicky Ford dismissed the idea altogether. According to teams, Ford’s office is concerned about implementing the measure, as universities are autonomously managed bodies.

Still, the possibility remains in the air that the government is doing bluff, in attempt to get more young people to get vaccinated, the measure not being really considered. In addition to classrooms and auditoriums, access to dormitories and residences may also be restricted, says the The Guardian.

In any case, the British government’s stance is being seen by the British press as another step in the implementation of a domestic vaccination passport — a hypothesis that has already had been discarded by other ministers previously.

In a clear reversal of strategy, Boris Johnson also announced that proof of vaccination would be needed to enter into night clubs or other venues where vast crowds gather from September onwards.

Unlike what currently happens in Portugal and other European countries, will not be considered alternatives vaccination certificate, such as a negative Covid-19 test or proof of immunity, which is generating controversy among Conservative MPs who believe they are a violation of freedoms civilians.

Labor party representatives are also unconvinced by the measure, which could make its approval in the House of Commons unfeasible. Keir Starmer, the Labor leader, says he will look “carefully” at any announcements Johnson’s executive might make in this regard, though he only considers his party’s support for a mandatory submission of certificates in large scale events and where a negative test is also considered.

“The idea that we can return to sporting events with a large mass of supporters without any verification it’s not something i subscribe“, said Starmer to the radio LBC, adding that he does not see vaccine passports being used “daily”.

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