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Galactic combat: a TV show promises to take Mixed Martial Arts fights into space

The reality show will accompany 32 fighters in training for this new discipline. Finalists will fight in zero-gravity matches in a ring outside Earth orbit

The fights will take place in space, in a rocket that will orbit the Earth for 90 minutes.

Can you imagine a Mixed Martial Arts match, but in space? Something that seems to be taken from a chapter in an animated series or from a Hollywood film will now come true thanks precisely to a film and television producer who embarked on the crazy dream of making a reality show of intergalactic fight.

His name is Andrea Iervolio, founder of Space 11, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of television programs, films, live events and sporting events set – you guessed it – in space.

“This is not just a show. This is a new sport, a new sports competition in outer space ”, says Iervolio to describe his ambitious dream of getting fighters out of Earth’s orbit to a combat of gravity 0.

The project is called Galactic Combat and it will be a reality show that will accompany Mixed Martial Arts fighters from around the world as they train to prepare for the fights that will take place in outer space.

The program will chronicle the special training they will take to be part of what Iervolio did. called MMA-Zero G, a new sport that promises to revolutionize the world of mixed martial arts entertainment and fighting.

In total, there will be 32 participants in the Galactic Combat, which will be eliminated during training with different tests until only eight remain, who will compete in space battles.

Only the finalists will board the rocket that goes into space. The ship will have a suitable ring to be the epicenter of the intergalactic combat, which will last for 90 minutes. The moment when the rocket will orbit the Earth on a journey around the entire circumference of the planet.

Only the finalists of the training round will be able to face each other in the Galactic Combat of Gravity 0

Only the finalists of the training round will be able to face each other in the Galactic Combat of Gravity 0

The Galactic Combat ad contributes to a space entertainment trend that is beginning to become popular in Hollywood. There is already a film in progress that will be shot entirely in space, will be starring Tom Cruise and will be directed by Doung Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), is produced by Universal in collaboration with Elon Musk’s Space X company, has a US budget. $ 200 million and is scheduled to start shooting this fall.

Ivervolio, for his part, has extensive experience in film production, The Merchant of Venice is one of his titles, as well as the biographical film about Ferruccio Lamborgini starring Alec Baldwin and will be released soon. He also founded Iervolio Entertainment, another production company that will also promote Galactic Combat not only as a great new frontier in entertainment, but as a true new sport that follows the line of UFC, a company estimated at $ 7 million, which has followers worldwide, digital platforms and major lines of communication and business.

“If you win the UFC, we will have a large fan base”, says Iervolino. “My goal with this new format is, I don’t want to lose UFC fans, we have to embrace them all. The whole world of MMA. But the objective of the Zero-G fight is to make the concept much broader ”, said the producer and entrepreneur.

To help him do this, Iervolino hired former professional MMA fighter John Lewis to serve as vice president and promoter of Galactic Combat, who It is currently in pre-production and expects to go on air in 2023, although Iervolino said it could be ready in 2022.

As for the distribution location of the 12-episode program, Iervolino said that he intends to sell the program through the “traditional TV sales model”, territory by territory, reaching “all the big players”.

The attraction of the show’s fun, in addition to the novelty of the space, is the lack of gravity that the fighters will have to face and adapt to.

“When people try to hit you in zero gravity, I don’t know if you saw the video of a baby pushing a person [en gravedad cero] and the person goes to the other side of the room ”, says Iervolino. “It’s a totally different way of hitting someone. It is a very different type of training. “

This will be the beginning of a new sport called MMA Zero-G.

This will be the beginning of a new sport called MMA Zero-G.

He added that he does not believe that this means a more violent fight than the traditional MMA fight.

Iervolino has been investing in space-based entertainment for some years, adding former SpaceX employees, astrophysicists, astronomers and other experts to his Space 11 team. But he says it wasn’t until recently that he felt confident enough in space. Security technology to embark on a project.

“When we started working at Espaço 11, we were very quiet about it.“, He says. “Nobody knew if the technology was ready.” But after two years of testing, Iervolino says his team told him: “We are [listos]”.

“The important thing is that you have to be safe enough to be inside the rocket. . . You have to come back safe and sound ”, added.

Galactic Combat is just the beginning, says Iervolino, who claims to have developed another 50 space program formats that he will implement. “This is doable. Having two guys fighting in a rocket orbiting the Earth is easy. “

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