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German police investigate disappearance of penis-shaped sculpture

Sculpture in the shape of a penis that disappeared from a mountain in Bavaria, Germany Image: Reproduction / Instagram / szmuenchen

German police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a sculpture shaped like a penis, which used to be installed on the Grünten mountain, southwest of Munich, in the state of Bavaria. The local newspaper Allgaeuer Zeitung reported that the statue was apparently cut last weekend.

The sculpture was originally 2 m tall, but what remains of it now is just a stump and some wood chips, according to the British BBC network.

The monument was of unknown origin, but German media points out that a 200 kg phallic object was somehow pulled up the mountain. The penis stake would be an unwanted birthday present, given as a joke by friends to a young German.

Since the young man presented did not want to receive the uninhibited item, the others would then have pulled the sculpture with a sled up the mountain, so that visitors could observe it.

A police investigation was opened to ascertain who may have cut it and taken it away. Local police spokesman Holger Stabik told the Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper that he is not sure what will happen if the culprit is found.

“We don’t know if [decepar a escultura] it is a crime or not, “admitted Allgaeur.

The representative also explained that the “injured party in the case” is also not easy to identify. Also because it is not known who was the original owner of the penis sculpture.

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