Germany. change, but take it easy


The ‘traffic light’ coalition wants more energy transition and less austerity. But also the legalization of marijuana, and less paper. And the path is being made towards the European army.

Germany is preparing to change, but very, very calmly. With Angela Merkel out of the picture, the so-called semaphore coalition between the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD in German), the Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) comes into play, an unprecedented, perhaps even more tense, coalition of what was the Portuguese ‘Geringonça’ – but has at the helm Olaf Scholz, Merkel’s finance minister, one of the most centrist faces of the SPD, known as a pragmatist, predisposed to obtain compromises between its partners, diametrically opposed in almost everything. With negotiations closed, Scholz’s appointment as chancellor is almost a formality, which should be resolved within weeks.

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