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Google and Amazon workers oppose contracts with Israel

Hundreds of workers from the two technology companies signed a joint letter condemning the decision to provide services to the Israeli government and calling for the support of the international community.

In an anonymous letter published in the British newspaper The Guardian, workers of the US tech giants Google and Amazon demonstrated against the Nimbus Project, a contract for the sale of technological products signed between the companies and the Israeli government.

“We believe that the technology we create should be used to serve and uplift people everywhere. As the workers who keep these companies working, we are morally forced to speak out against violations of our values“, begins the letter, which has already been signed internally by 90 workers at Google and 300 at Amazon. Employees remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Workers report that for years they have seen companies seek contracts with the US Department of Defense, the ICE (the police that patrol the American border with Mexico and enforce the policy of separating children in detention centers) and local and state police departments.

“These contracts show a disturbing pattern of militarization, lack of transparency and avoidance of supervision”, they criticize. Following this pattern, companies recently signed the Nimbus Project to “sell dangerous technology with the Israeli army and government” in the same week that Israel “attacked Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”, killing nearly 250 people, “including more of 60 children”.

The Numbus Project is a contract signed between Google and Amazon and the Israeli government evaluated in 1.2 billion dollars for the provision of cloud services, which workers say will be used for “further surveillance and illegal data collection from Palestinians” and to further increase the dominance of Israeli settlements in territory that is legally Palestine.

Employees say they can’t ignore the situation when they see the products they create being used “to deny Palestinians basic rights” by a government that is being investigated internationally for committing war crimes.

“We condemn Amazon and Google’s decision to sign the Nimbus Project contract with the Israeli army and government and ask them to reject this and future contracts that will harm our users. We appeal to technology workers globally and to international community to join us in creating a world where technology promotes the safety and dignity of all”, they conclude.

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