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‘I am a coffin confessor’: Man is paid to reveal secrets of the dead during funerals

Bill Edgar goes to funerals to speak on behalf of the deceased and to confess what they didn’t dare say when they were alive Image: Personal Archive via BBC

Bill Edgar speaks on behalf of the dead: he goes to funerals and transmits confessions from the grave.

And for that specific job, he is very well paid.

The idea came up while working as a private detective for a terminally ill person in Australia.

“We started talking about death, the afterlife and everything. Then he said, ‘I would like to do something for my funeral.’ I suggested that you write your own statement,” he says.

The man, however, said that his family and friends would not like what he had to say, so they probably would not read or reproduce his message.

“So I offered to speak on his behalf,” recalls Bill.

“That’s how it started,” he told the BBC’s World Service Newsday program.

Well paid

Now Bill makes a living “interrupting” funerals, like a “coffin confessor”.

In his own words, this means that “at one exact point of the funeral, I get up, open an envelope and read exactly what the dead man was unable to say in his life.”

For a sum equivalent to about US $ 7 thousand (R $ 38 thousand), Bill can attend funerals or funerals, read wills and also look for compromising objects.

“It could be anything: pornography, sex toys, drugs, weapons, money … anything,” he explains.

Untold stories

His most memorable job so far was when the dead man asked him to read a confession involving his best friend.

“I had to tell him to sit and shut up and listen to what his friend left me to read. And it was that his best friend was trying to seduce his wife while this man was on his deathbed,” he says.

After Bill’s speech at the funeral, the man quickly “went out the back door”.

And a few more people were also asked to leave the ceremony on behalf of the deceased.

But after that, says Bill, “it ended up being a very good funeral.”

For obvious reasons, Bill does not receive comments, analyzes or complaints from his customers.

But perhaps surprisingly, the living do not reject it either.

“It’s very disturbing, but it’s the person’s funeral, so why shouldn’t they have the right to do what they want?” He says.

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