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“I feel like I’ve descended into hell.” Police recall attack on Capitol Hill

Policeman Aquilino Gonell on the House of Representatives committee investigating the Capitol invasion.

“This is how I’m going to die”, “I feel like I’ve descended into hell” and “I ran the risk of being killed” are some of the reports of police officers who were in the invasion of the Capitol.

Hearings in the House of Representatives committee that investigates the events of the capitol invasion, with US police who were there on duty, on January 6, to be heard.

“This is how I’m going to die”, recalled Aquilino Gonell, one of the police officers attacked during the attack. “For most people, January 6th only lasted an hour. But for those who were there, it’s not over. That day remains a constant plot for us.”

Quoted by British newspaper The Guardian, Gonell described the Capitol invasion as a “medieval battle” and he mentioned that, even today, he feels the traumas of that day.

Another of the police officers interviewed, Michael Fanone, recalled the time he almost died: “I was grabbed, beaten, electrocuted, called a traitor. I ran the risk of being killed with my own firearm as I heard cries of ‘kill him with your own gun’”.

The agent also guaranteed that he had heard several people say that they were attacking the Capitol because they were “sent” by Trump, writes the Observer.

“I feel like I’ve descended to hell to defend the people in this room. The indifference shown to my colleagues is shameful”, he added, referring to the Republicans who decided to boycott the investigation commission into the invasion of the Capitol.

For his part, Harry Dunn said he was the target of racist insults from Donald Trump’s supporters. The African-American policeman even said that he has never heard such violent racist insults.

“It’s disappointing to live in a country where they attack you because of the color of your skin. Just to hurt you. These words are weapons”, said in the committee of the House of Representatives.

Daniel Hodges, the fourth policeman to testify, said the attackers appeared to be white nationalists and compared them to “terrorists”. The agent even said that some threatened him with death, saying he would “die to his knees”.

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