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Israeli donated one of her kidneys to a Palestinian boy

An Israeli wanted to donate a kidney to a stranger. Strange that he turned out to be a child, just three years old, who lives in the Gaza Strip, in Palestine.

According to the agency Associated Press, Idit Harel Segal he was about to turn 50 when he decided what he wanted his birthday present to be: donating one of his kidneys to a stranger.

The teacher, who lives in northern Israel, wanted her decision to be an example of generosity in a land that is in constant conflict. Furthermore, she was inspired by the memories of her late grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, who told her to have a meaningful life and that, in Jewish tradition, there is no greater duty than saving a life.

So the Israeli contacted a group that links organ donors and recipients, embarking on a nine-month process to transfer one of her kidneys to someone who needed one. That someone, tells the AP, would end up being a Palestinian boy, three years old, who lives in the Gaza Strip.

“You don’t know me, but soon we will be very close because my kidney will be in your body,” Segal wrote in a letter addressed to the child, whose family asked not to be identified for fear that the situation would be seen as a form of cooperation. with the Israelites.

“I hope with all my heart that this surgery is successful and that you live a long, healthy and meaningful life,” the Israeli said, adding: “I threw away all the anger and frustration and now I see only one thing. Hope of peace and love. And if there are more people like us, there will be nothing to fight for.”

According to the US agency, between Segal’s decision and the news of the transplant, deep divisions arose in his family. The husband and his eldest son were against it and his father stopped talking to him.

From the perspective of her relatives, explained the Israeli, I was risking my life unnecessarily. Furthermore, the loss of three relatives in Palestinian attacks, including their paternal grandparents, made it even more difficult.

“My family was really against it. Everyone around me was. My husband, my sister, her husband. And who least supported me was my father. They were scared”, he said.

When he learned the identity of the chosen person, he decided to hide the details for months. “didn’t tell anyone. I told myself that if the reaction to the kidney donation had been so harsh, then obviously the fact that it was a Palestinian boy was only going to make things even more difficult,” she recalled.

According to the AP, the child’s case was complicated. To speed up the process, his father, who had no correspondence and could not be the donor, was told by the hospital that if he donated a kidney to an Israeli, the son “immediately moved to the top of the list”.

On the same day the boy received a new kidney, the father then donated one of his to a 25-year-old Israeli mother of two.

So for Segal, despite having caused some tension in his family, his decision still did more than he expected. Your kidney helped save a child’s life and even provided a second donation.

The Israeli told the news agency that she visited the boy on the eve of surgery and that she is in contact with his parents. As for your family, you already accept the decision better.

The day before the operation, his father called him and that’s when he told who the kidney was going to. For a moment there was silence on the other end of the line. And then these words followed: “Well, he needs to live too.”

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