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Italian cemetery landslide throws 200 coffins overboard

Graveyard officials recorded on video the moment when the coffins fall into the sea Image: Reproduction / Twitter / @JuriLertora

CAMOGLI, FEB 23 (ANSA) – A landslide on a cliff that housed a vertical cemetery in the city of Camogli, in the province of Genoa, Italy, ended up throwing about 200 coffins into the sea and destroying two small chapels on the site this Monday. (22). According to the first reports, the incident occurred due to the erosion of the cliff and officials reported that they were monitoring the entire area because they began to experience slight tremors and “abnormal noises” in the past few days.

Camogli’s Public Works aide, Tino Revello, confirmed the monitoring information to ANSA and explained that “work was underway to consolidate” the area below the cemetery. None of the workers were injured in the incident. A video released by cemetery officials caught the time of the destruction of the graves. It is possible to see large cracks forming at two points where the coffins were and collapsing in a few seconds. The two small chapels also had internal graves.

Teams of firefighters, Civil Defense and Coast Guard are on site to recover the remains that fell into the sea or that were buried with both the use of divers and helicopters to check the entire area. about 20 people went to the cemetery to charge for the recovery of the bodies of loved ones. In the last update, about 10 had been removed from land and sea and five were identified. However, rescuers stress that the recovery mission is quite complicated and should take days to complete. In a press conference, the Civil Defense adviser in the Ligurian region, Giacomo Giampedrone, explained that “it is necessary to act with extreme delicacy” in the area for account of the instability of the soil. “First we will need to demolish the niches that are still at risk on the shore with the transfer of the graves. At the same time, we will work with a sea pier. It is an extremely complex situation because the cliff is still dangerous and we cannot place endangered the operators, “added Giampedrone. The Genoa Prosecutor’s Office opened a formal investigation for a wrongful slip. The action does not yet identify any culprit, but it will also evaluate the recovery work that was being carried out on the site.

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