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Japanese parliament elects Suga, ally of Abe, new prime minister

Yoshihide Suga during a press conference in Tokyo

Japan’s parliament today elected Yoshihide Suga as the country’s new prime minister, following Shinzo Abe’s resignation due to ill health.

Suga was elected with 314 votes out of the 462 members of the lower house of the Japanese Parliament. On Monday (14), the PLD (Liberal Democratic Party), which governs Japan, chose Suga by a large majority as its new leader.


Shinzo Abe, 65, who broke his tenure as prime minister (more than eight years in two terms), expressed “full support” for Suga, who he said “worked hard and discreetly for the nation and the people “in his previous position.

“We are going to build a Japan that shines and overcomes the crisis of coronavirus with Suga as the leader, “he added.

In late August, he surprised the country by announcing his resignation, when he still had a year to go. He explained that he made the decision because of a chronic bowel disease.

The next head of government will have to manage a series of particularly complex challenges.

Japan was already in recession before the coronavirus pandemic and many achievements of the current prime minister’s economic policy, called “Abenomics”, are at risk.

Suga declared that the recovery of the economy will be an absolute priority, as well as the containment of the virus, essential for the celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, postponed until next year.

Diplomatic challenges are also important, especially the preservation of the alliance with the United States and the attitude that should be adopted regarding China, while the world public opinion has taken a more rigid stance with Beijing after the spread of the coronavirus and the disturbances Hong Kong.

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