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Kennedy Alencar – Reelection is crucial for Trump to shield against former employees in trouble

Steve Bannon’s trial for wall fraud is scheduled for May. He was “guru” of the Republican’s winning campaign Image: Carlos Barria

In the last debate of the election campaign, on Thursday night, the president Donald Trump made hints of corruption against opponent Democrat Joe Biden. But the Republican has what to worry about in this area. There is no police or judicial investigation against the Democrat.

Ghosts haunt the future of Trump, especially if he fails to be re-elected. The most delicate case is pending before the New York City Justice, which investigates the financial and tax life of the President of the United States (USA) and his business group.

Tax fraud gives jail in the USA. There are strong suspicions that Trump, which paid only $ 750 in Income tax in 2016 and the same amount the following year, tried to deceive the American tax authorities. The New York Times revealed that the president’s companies are going badly financially and may have suspicious real estate deals with countries governed by autocrats flattered by Trump. The president admitted that he owed more than $ 400 million in debt, saying it was a small fraction of his assets.

There are eight former employees of Trump in the sights of justice. They are arrested or respond to criminal prosecutions. If Trump not to be re-elected, the chances of eventual reports of friends in trouble with the American Justice increase.

In a tone of bravado, the American president has refused to commit to making a peaceful power transition in the event of Biden’s victory. Trump it also threatens to turn polling after November 3 into a legal battle to invalidate votes via post.

In the heat of the election, these threats are part of a strategic game to try to get re-elected. This attitude is in line with the aggressive and divisive style with which the president came to power and governs the United States.

However, if the Republican loses reelection, he will have to focus on his own problems with justice. The idea that he could forgive himself is not legally supported. It would make more sense to try to seek some sort of peace with the eventual Biden government to avoid the risk of prosecutions that could result in conviction and imprisonment.

The 8 men of the president

In this context, former employees with problems in the courts are always strands that can create problems for the ex-boss. Of the eight “Trumpists” in trouble, the most notorious of them is Steve Bannon, the former strategist for the Republican’s winning campaign in 2016.

Bannon is charged with fraud charges, using a website to raise private funds for the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, a broken promise of Trump. Bannon is suspected of embezzling more than $ 1 million from private donors.

In August, Bannon was arrested and released after paying bail. He denies the charges. The president said he did not encourage the idea of ​​creating a website to seek private collections and avoided criticizing the former advisor. Bannon is a living archive.

Roger Stone, an old friend of Trump and his political collaborator, was convicted of lying under oath about the investigation of possible Russian interference in the 2016 elections. He responds to allegations of obstruction of Congressional investigation and false testimony. The day before I started serving a three-year sentence, Trump gave him the presidential pardon.

The former lawyer of Trump Michael Cohen became a foe enemy. He has given interviews to the American press saying that Trump “just think about it” and lie all the time. Cohen confessed to having paid a woman who would have had sexual encounters with Trump in order to buy her silence. He also said that the president had done fuzzy real estate deals in Moscow, Russia. The president denies it.

General Michael Flynn, who was National Security Advisor to Trump, confessed that he also lied about connections between the Trump and Moscow. Then he claimed that he had been the victim of an FBI trap, the American Federal Police. The case is pending in the District Court of Columbia.

Former director of the Trump, Paul Manafort was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, but managed to serve his sentence at home because of the pandemic of coronavirus. He was convicted of tax fraud, money laundering and illegal lobbying in cases of political consultancy, always with suspicions pointing out weird Russian and Ukrainian relations.

Another star of the electoral campaign of Trump, Rick Gates, also admitted to lying to investigations regarding Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. He was in jail for 45 days.

George Nader, informal adviser to Trump in foreign policy, he was sentenced to ten years in prison in Virginia. He allegedly lied in an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections. He also confessed to having child pornography.

George Papadopoulos, who participated in the Trump in 2016, he spent two weeks in jail for lying to the FBI about investigations into possible Russian interference in the four-year elections.

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