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Macron slapped with a slap. Public Ministry asks for 18 months in prison

The prosecutor today asked for an 18-month prison sentence for the man who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday during a trip to southeastern France.

This slap, “completely inadmissible” is a “act of deliberate violence”, argued the representative of the Public Ministry, before Damien T., who admitted the facts at the hearing.

Showing concern about the possible recurrence of crime, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that he realized that “a kind of cold determination” in this 28-year-old man, unknown to justice.

The incident took place this Tuesday, during a visit by Emmanuel Macron to Tain l’Hermitage, in southern France. As Macron approached to greet a group of people who were standing behind a barrier, a man slapped the French president while shouting “The Bas La Macronie” – something like “Below the Macronia“.

The bodyguards quickly removed the French president from the aggressor, who was arrested, but a few moments later, according to Reuters, Macron was already back with the people.

The aggressor was even heard shouting “Montjoie Saint Denis“, battle cry of the French army in the time of the monarchy. The motto has been adopted in recent years by sectors linked to the far right in France, the political scientist told BMTV Fiametta Venner, specializing in the study of extremism in the country.

The slap inflicted on Macron awakened the indignation of the entire political class French, even though the President of the Republic relativized the gesture, having considered it as part of “isolated acts” committed by “ultraviolent individuals”.

“This decision will be observed, examined” and will even have “echo in the international press” added prosecutor Alex Perrin.

Emmanuel Macron once again underestimated what happened, referring to the belief that the country is not in a situation of tension as during the crisis of the “yellow vests” and preferring to insist on the atmosphere of “optimism” he feels in France.

What I feel in the country is optimism, it’s a desire to rediscover life, it’s dynamism” and “many people want to work to the fullest” while the health crisis increases, said the French president in an interview with the BFMTV channel, after a lunch with the French football team in the center of Clairefontaine drills in the Paris region on the eve of Euro football, which starts Friday.

In this context, Emmanuel Macrion said that France is not in the same state of “very strong tensions” in which it found itself during the “yellow vests crisis”.

“Let’s not make that this stupid and violent act says more than it says, you need to put things in perspective and not trivialize anything, it doesn’t matter to receive a snap when you go into a crowd,” Macron said.

The President also declined to comment on the author’s immediate appearance in court today. To Emmanuel Macron, “the real violence is not that one”, but the one suffered by the “women who die because of their partners and of husbands”.

Asked about his possible candidacy for a second term in 2022, Emmanuel Macron considered it “inappropriate” to answer the question, claiming that he would do it “at the right time”.

In this respect, he drew a parallel with football, claiming to be “like a competition”. “If you think about the semifinal or the final before playing the first match group stage, that’s usually how we lose this one,” he said.

The French gave me a mission for five years and I will keep it to the last quarter of an hour, being as committed as I have been from the first day, that is, at the most. At some point, the question of my personal future will come up and I will give a frank answer,” promised Macron.

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