Magdalena Anderson. A prime minister attacked for not smiling


The first Swedish Chief Executive, who resigned after seven hours, returned to her post. Despite succeeding the scowling Stefan Löfven, she has been accused of not being cheerful enough, a criticism often leveled at women.

Swedish politics, which is facing a process of continuous party fragmentation, making it almost impossible to form a stable government coalition, has become a kind of soap opera, in which just missing an episode is no longer up to date with the plot. In a matter of days, Magdalena Andersson, from the center-left of the Swedish Social Democratic Party of Sweden (SAP), became prime minister of Sweden, at the age of 54, spent less than eight hours in the post before resigning , ending up re-elected by Parliament five days later. “This may not give the best image to Swedish politics,” Andersson herself publicly admitted when she resigned.

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