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Minneapolis mayor is expelled from protest by protesters

Minneapolis Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey was expelled from a protest in the city by protesters calling for an end to police brutality. According to reports in the country’s newspapers, the attitude occurred after the mayor was opposed to taking investments from the police.

During the protests that broke out in the United States, one of the flags defended has been a reduction in public spending on security for a social destination. Some sectors even call for the abolition of police forces.

The images show protesters shouting.” Go home, Jacob, go home” and half the boos. Others even shouted “Shame” and made obscene gestures.

Protests in Minneapolis exploded with the George Floyd case, which died after a white police officer knelt over his neck for nearly nine minutes in Minneapolis.

The case resurrected the issue of police brutality against African Americans. UNITED NATIONS, Pope Francis and world leaders criticize police violence in the country.

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