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‘Never talk to the president like that’, says Trump as he gets angry at a reporter

United States President Donald Trump, who lost re-election to Joe Biden Image: Mandel Ngan / AFP

President Donald Trump reprimanded a reporter at a White House press conference yesterday. When asked if he would recognize Joe Biden’s victory in the American elections, Trump got angry and fired: “I am the president of the United States! Never talk to the president like that.”

Before the confusion, the American president repeated again that there was fraud in the elections. “It will be a very difficult thing to grant [a vitória a Joe Biden] because we know that a big fraud has happened. Time is not on our side, but the facts are, “Trump said before being interrupted by Reuters reporter Jeff Mason.

In the videos that circulate social networks, it is not possible to hear Mason’s questioning, but then the president replies, “Don’t talk to me like that. You are just a lightweight, I am the president of the United States! Never talk to the president like that.”

Next, Trump makes room for another reporter to ask the question. In this same press conference, Trump admitted that he will leave the White House if Biden wins the vote at the Electoral College. It is the closest Trump has come to recognizing defeat at the polls since November 3.

Since the beginning of the vote counting, Trump and his campaign have been saying that postal votes have been rigged to ensure Biden’s victory.

The Republican even filed lawsuits in more than one electoral college to recount votes, without being able to change the course of the elections.

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