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New York reaches 70% vaccinated (and celebrates with fireworks)

New York State has reached the vaccination milestone that, according to experts, guarantees group immunity.

The governor of the US state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced on Tuesday night that the region has reached 70% of vaccinated adults and that, as a result of meeting the target – which has been associated with group immunity against covid-19 -, most of the restrictions would be lifted still existing.

In addition to the news that reported the relaxation of measures, the milestone was marked with fireworks in New York City and throughout the state.

“Today is an important day and New Yorkers deserve it because it’s been a long, long way,” Cuomo wrote in Twitter.

“In honor of lifting virtually all restrictions, and in gratitude for our essential workers, we are going to have fireworks across the state,” added the governor.

Earlier, the governor had made the official announcement: “Today, New York State has reached the goal of 70% of vaccinated adults. This means we can get back to life as we know it. With immediate effect, state restrictions are lifted in the commercial and social sphere,” he wrote.

In this way, most measures are now without effect. Theaters and cinemas return to normal capacity, restaurants, cafes and shops are no longer subject to limits on capacity and companies are no longer obliged to strict protocols for controlling the temperature of workers.

However, it is still mandatory to wear a mask in places where large crowds accumulate, including in schools, public transport and hospitals. CBS.

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