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Other? Metal monolith now appears in Romania (and the mystery continues)

Another monolith is found, this time in Europe Image: Reproduction

A mysterious metal monolith appeared in Romania last week after another similar structure found in the remote Utah desert was removed by an “unknown group”.

The bright triangular pillar was found on the Batca Doamnei hill in the town of Piatra Neamt, in northern Romania, last Thursday (26). It was located a few meters away from the well-known archaeological landmark of the Dacia Fortress of Petrodava, a fort built by the ancient Dacian people between 82 BC and 106 AD

The peculiar discovery comes after a similar monolith was found in the Utah desert with no explanation, prompting ironic speculation that it might have been the work of aliens – but most likely it is the work of a prankster inspired by the science fiction novel by “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

In Arthur C Clarke’s book, later transformed into movie by Stanley Kubrick, a monolith first appeared on Earth in Africa three million years ago and appears to impart intelligence to a hungry tribe of great apes to develop tools.

Utah’s disappeared

O shiny metal monolith found by Utah authorities, in the western United States, disappeared on Friday night, according to local officials. According to the AFP agency, the Utah Land Administration Agency claimed to have received “reliable reports” that the object was allegedly removed by “someone unknown”.

“The agency has not removed the structure, which is considered to be private property,” the federal agency said in a statement. “We do not investigate crimes involving private property, which are administered by the local police,” the statement added.

The object of more than 3.5 meters in height, which movies American cinema futurists, went viral in social networks. Netizens questioned whether the monolith – the name given to objects made up of a single stone block, but the one in question, made of metal – could have been installed by aliens, as a kind of “message” for humanity.

Artist agent John McCracken, famous for creating sculptures of pyramids, cubes and shiny plates, confirmed that the piece may have been made by the sculptor in a statement to The New York Times. ‘I believe that this is definitely (done) by John “, he said. The monument would be similar to one installed in an art gallery, but the similarity between the pieces still leaves the doubt about how the monolith would have ended up in the desert.

On the date of the appearance, the Department of Public Security said the object was illegal, and was unable to say the source of the installation. Satellite images displayed by Google Earth showed that the monolith already appeared on satellite images between 2015 and 2016. However, a spokesman for the Department told The New York Times that he may “have been there since the 1940s or 1950s”.

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