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Plants ‘invade’ buildings in China and residents abandon property

External view of the set of buildings Image: STR / AFP

The “vegetated” buildings of a residential complex in southwest China, with lush plants on the balconies of the apartments, are being covered with their own vegetation to the point that residents leave their homes.

The complex of eight experimental buildings was built in 2018 in the large city of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. At the time, the project was described as “a vertical forest”.

The apartments in this residential area, called “Jardim da Floresta Qiyi”, have balconies with abundant vegetation, giving the buildings the appearance of a small jungle.

According to the developer’s website, the 826 apartments for sale were sold very quickly in April 2018.

china - STR / AFP - STR / AFP
Plants ‘invade’ buildings in China and residents abandon property Image: STR / AFP

Videos taken in early September, however, show neglected-looking buildings, where vegetation appears to have literally invaded the site. In the images, a mini-forest extends over many balconies and outside walls.

Some apartments seem busy, with light inside, well-kept plants and furniture on the balcony. In many others, these external areas are covered with abandoned vegetation.

Only about ten families moved to the neighborhood, according to the newspaper “Global Times”.

The low occupancy rate is due to the presence of many mosquitoes, which proliferate because of vegetation, residents told the newspaper.

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