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Pre-candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua is detained at the behest of the government

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua

The country’s law prevents individuals who are being investigated or detained from running for public office. Daniel Ortega has been leading the country since 2007, promoting over the years several strategies that allow him to extend his mandate beyond what is provided for in the Constitution.

The pre-candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua Claus Vidaurre was arrested this Saturday and placed under house arrest, in an act that was ordered by the forces of the regime led by Daniel Ortega. Over the past few months, seven pre-candidates arrested, between activists and opposition leaders, detained, in a clear maneuver by Ortega to condition the democratic process in the country – with four arrests taking place in just one week, during the month of June.

This is not, by the way, the only strategy of the Head of State in which he has been in power since 2007 to extend his mandate. THE persecution of journalists has been a constant, with most independent press titles disappearing since Ortega assumed the presidency.

In 2014, the president also made changes to the constitution, promoting reforms that allowed him to extend the term beyond the period considered legal.

In the face of criticism from the international community — and the application of sanctions — Daniel Ortega defends himself by calling the detainees “criminals” who obtain funding from the United States to organize a coup d’état in Nicaragua, points out the DW.

During Saturday’s arrest, Noel Vidaurre was not informed of the reasons behind his arrest, despite the prosecution’s reference to attempts to “undermine independence, sovereignty, self-determination and incite foreign intervention”.

The pre-candidate of Citizens Alliance for Freedom, in turn, claims that he has never appealed for Nicaragua to be “sanctioned or anything like that”. “I don’t know the reason for my arrest. Absolutely nothing was explained to me”, explained Vidaurre.

The successive arrests have already prompted a reaction from the United States, which, through its diplomat for Latin America, Julie Chung, criticized the regime’s attitudes of Ortega.

The elections in Nicaragua are scheduled for 7 November, with the registration period for candidates running from 28 July to 2 August. According to the country’s law, individuals who are being investigated or detained cannot run for public office.

Vidaurre is being investigated under the controversial Law for the Defense of the People’s Rights to Independence, Sovereignty and Self-Determination, urgently approved in December last year by the National Assembly and influenced by the government of Daniel Ortega.

Other names

In addition to Noel Vidaurre, the list of arrests promoted by the Ortega regime includes the names of other pre-candidates opposition presidents such as Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Miguel Mora and Medardo Mairena.

In addition to these, two former vice-chancellors, two dissident history of the regime and former guerrillas, a business leader, a banker, a former first lady, two student leaders, a journalist, two former NGO workers and a Cristiana Chamorro driver.

Maria Asunción Moreno, a law professor and lawyer, was proposed as a candidate for the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, but no one knows your whereabouts since two weeks ago she left home to testify to the Public Ministry in the context of the process in which she was being investigated.

Another opponent, Luis Fley, one of the 11 presidential candidates, left Nicaragua and announced, from exile, that for security reasons would give up the presidential race.

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