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Priest gets ‘high five’ from little girl during blessing and reaction goes viral

Priest receives ‘high five’ from little girl during blessing Image: Reproduction / Tik Tok

A priest went viral on TikTok after winning a ‘high five’ (the name given to a famous greeting in which two people touch each other with their hands in the air) from a little girl during a blessing.

In the video, the priest was surprised by the child’s attitude of greeting him in this way while he gave him the blessing and had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing and continuing to bless the little girl.

The video posted on TikTok this Wednesday about the scene between the priest and the little girl already has 6.7 million views.

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The former player of basketball American Rex Chapman shared the same video on his Twitter account, which also made the event go viral there – more than two million views so far.

“Father giving the blessing. The innocence of a child. They are trying not to laugh. Best thing you will see today,” Chapman wrote in the publication.

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