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Sweden. Investigators pay $23 for covid-19 vaccines

Reward comes within the scope of a survey that aims to assess the level of effectiveness of different incentives for vaccination against Covid-19. The study has the participation of 8200 volunteers under 60 years of age.

As if there weren’t enough rewards for taking the Covid-19 vaccine, a group of Swedish scientists, belonging to the University of Lund, is offering money, 23 dollars, to those who decide to inoculate themselves. The incentive comes within the scope of an investigation that intends to evaluate and test different stimuli to vaccination, with 8200 unvaccinated volunteers under 60 years of age.

Participants were divided into four groups, to which different incentives were attributed. The members of the first group were presented with information about the three vaccines currently administered in Sweden, produced by to do, through the Moderna and Janssen, those of the second were asked to formulate an argument capable of convincing third parties that they should be vaccinated, those of the third were asked to draw up a list of family members who would like to protect with the vaccine, and those of the fourth were allocated an amount equivalent to US$23.

A fifth group did not receive any kind of stimulus, although its members were encouraged to get vaccinated.

The survey, which began at the beginning of the year, should give the first results in September, after researchers compared the participants’ intentions to get vaccinated and the effective fulfillment of that intention.

Armando Meier, an economist and one of the authors of the study, revealed that this phenomenon is already visible, when analyzing the data collected at the beginning of the investigation, in which 80% of the participants said they wanted to be vaccinated, and the current vaccination rates among the participants. THE CNBC, Meier said the latest numbers indicate a trend of non-fulfillment.

Currently, in Sweden, vaccination levels differ between regions, with many making doses available to citizens over the age of 18 — in August it will be the turn of 16 and 17 year olds. According to Our World Data, 39% of the Swedish population is fully vaccinated, whereas 22 is inoculated with a dose.

“We don’t see a particularly high hesitation in Sweden regarding vaccination when compared to other countries, but we know that the vaccination process is changing. enter a plateau, particularly with regard to younger people”, said Meier, who, even so, rejects the idea that the Swedes are hesitant about taking the vaccine or that the population is pro-vaccination, in the opposite camp. “There is definitely a great desire to get vaccinated“he summed up.

For now, the investigator prefers not to choose one of the methods used as the most effective. “Many governments believe that appeal to civility of the population, saying things like ‘the vaccine not only protects you, it protects others’, which is a effective strategy and that is what is at stake in this type of messages”, he told CNBC.

“At the same time, there are countries that emphasize information, because they consider that if the population knows about the efficacy and safety of vaccines, they will be more willing to receive them, a strategy that will serve the purpose” he summarized. As for the financial reward, Armando Meier confirmed that the study participants received 200 SEK, equivalent to 23 dollars, an amount that was paid through a gift card that could be used in online stores.

“This is supposed to really motivate people who already intended to be vaccinated, but for some reason they couldn’t find time or saw the gesture as a inconvenient“, shot. “The financial reward gives them extra motivation to actually get vaccinated. I think many economists share this idea“, stated Meier.

There is no news to indicate that any European, or even world, government has chosen this technique to increase their vaccination levels. In most cases, the mandatory submission of a certificate that proves the full vaccination of the individual against Covid-19, negative test or immunity proof virus — in line with the European Digital Certificate implemented by the European Union.

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