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Teenager hands over his own mother for breaking into US Capitol

Trump supporter is denounced by his own daughter after confusion in Washington Image: Reproduction / Twitter

A teenager exposed her mother, uncle and aunt on the internet for participating in the invasion of the US Congress in support of Donald Trump.

Helena Duke, 18, reposted on Twitter a video in which her mother, Therese Duke, appears to be punched by a police officer in the middle of a riot in Washington.

“Hi, mom. Remember when you forbade me to go to Black Lives Matter protests because I could have violence? Isn’t that you?”, Wrote Helena. The post has been shared more than 70,000 times.

In the video, the girl’s mother tries to take a cell phone from the hands of a police officer and ends up being beaten in the face by the woman. Then, a group of three men drag the police to try to beat her, causing a general confusion.

The fight took place in the Black Lives Matter square, which is in front of the Capitol, in the morning before the invasion.

Helena Duke also published a photo of her with her mother, to prove her identity. “For those who are doubting that it is my mother in the video”.

Theresa reportedly told her daughter she would go to a doctor’s appointment before leaving Charlton, Massachusetts, for Washington DC

“She was very vague, she didn’t give me much information. When I saw what was happening on Capitol Hill, at that moment I thought, ‘my God, she must be there,'” Helena told the New York Post.

“The next day, my cousin shared her video getting punched by a police officer,” he reported.

The young woman said her mother was a Democrat but was brainwashed.

“I was not surprised by the action or my mother’s involvement in it. All she had in mind is to obey Trump and everything he said. So I believe she had in mind that this was the right thing to do” , reported the young woman.

In another post, Helena identifies herself as the “liberal lesbian of the family, who was expelled several times for her thoughts and for attending the Black Lives Matter demonstrations”.

Then she published the names of her mother, Theresa Duke, her uncle, Richard Lorenz and her aunt, Annie Lorenz, who were also in the action.

“It is very hypocritical of her to expel me from home for participating in peaceful protests and in the end participate in that, which was clearly a violent attack on the Capitol, and still end up fighting with a police officer,” wrote Helena.

The girl opened a kitty on the internet asking for help to pay for her studies, since she broke up with her family.

“As you already know from the news, I handed my mother over for her actions. At the moment I have no idea how I’m going to pay for my studies and I have little financial help. I dream of becoming a lawyer. I want to make the world a better place. and I need some help for that “, asks the student. She has already raised $ 11,000.

The invasion

Motivated by Trump, supporters gathered last Wednesday (6), near the Capitol, to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. After exhausting all options to try to reverse the results of the elections in November, Trump appealed to his supporters, convincing them that it was possible to prevent the Biden and Kamala Harris from becoming official.

The invasion came shortly after the joint session of Congress was interrupted by an objection, by Republican parliamentarians, to the outcome of the election in the state of Arizona, won by Biden. Deputies and senators had to hide under their seats, and Vice President Mike Pence was removed from the building.

In addition to police, snipers and other security forces were called in to contain the protesters. At least five people died, according to Washington police.

The turmoil, however, did not prevent the session from continuing, which resumed at 8 pm local time (10 pm Brasília time) and ended up certifying Biden during the night.

By inciting protesters, Trump is now at risk of being removed from office through the 25th amendment, which addresses the president’s inability. Furthermore, if the amendment is not triggered by deputy Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi warned that Congress will act to withdraw Trump.

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