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The world’s blackest black ink is sold in “pieces”

From replacing green screens to painting theater sets, the future of entertainment is all about Ventablack – the blackest black color in the world.

No color – or rather its lack – causes more frenzy than Vantablack, the ink that absorbs so much light (99.96%) that is the blackest in the world.

Ventablack makes things seem like they don’t exist, as if it were a black hole, writes the Fast Company. Originally developed by the British company Surrey NanoSystems to be applied in satellites, it quickly won over artists and traders, who saw potential in it.

Until now, the non-scientific uses of Vantablack were no more than one-off projects, such as a BMW campaign or a Swiss luxury brand watch that cost $75,000.

in addition to the exuberant price, transporting objects coated with this paint is not easy because dust particles accumulate during travel and ruin its effect.

But by creating a simple tile coated with Vantablack, ink will now become much more affordable, particularly for entertainment spaces.

Vantablack can have several purposes, from creating special effects to replacing the famous green screens.

The tiles, developed by Levitation 29 and Production Resources Group, are very similar to very large Lego tiles: they measure about 88.9 centimeters by 1.32 meters, are coated with Vantablack and can be “joined” together to create a wall, a roof, or a cube. For now, it is not known how much it will cost.

If someone wants to coat all the walls in a room with Vantablack and put a hologram in the middle of the room, they can now do it without having to paint the walls, which makes it more cost-effective, said the director of Levitation 29, Benjamin Males.

Males considers the tiles to be just the beginning: the idea is to create more demand-driven products that would form a complex Vantablack building system that people could order based on their needs.

If someone “wants to spray the entire exterior of a house, we can still do that,” Males added.

To help publicize the new format, companies Levitation 29, Surrey NanoSystems, and PRG are launching a Vantablack demo space in Secaucus, New Jersey, at the end of the month. Afterwards, space will travel across the country.

“We want to involve the creative community”, theatre, immersive experiences and cinema – where there is interest in trying out Vantablack to replace green screens, continued Males.

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