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“Too late,” doctors tell covid patients who have refused vaccine

United States of America have 48.49% of the population fully vaccinated, despite the process having stagnated in recent weeks. The numbers of new infections are on the rise, as are deaths in the face of the rampant growth of the Delta variant.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, had already left the alert in the last week. With 48.49% of the inoculated population against Covid-19, according to data from Our World in Data, and the country slowly returning to normalcy, the US is currently facing a new pandemic, pandemic of unvaccinated people.

The alarm arises because the deaths that are currently registered in the country caused by SARS-Cov-2 happen in its vast majority (99%) in unvaccinated people — at a time when the Delta variant is associated with 83% of new cases.

the report of Brytney Cobia, a doctor at Grandview Medical Center in Alabama, went viral on social media after she revealed that all of her Covid-19 patients, except for one, they had not been vaccinated.. The inoculated patient should have a quick recovery after receiving oxygen, he revealed the clinic to Birmingham News, while the rest “are dying“.

“Young, healthy people with severe Covid-19 infection are being admitted,” Cobia wrote on her Facebook profile. “One of the last things I am asked before being intubated is the vaccine. I hold their hand, I’m sorry, but I tell them it’s too late.”

Alabama, where Brytney Cobia works, registers lower levels of vaccination of the United States of America — only 33.9% of the inhabitants are fully vaccinated — and the inoculation process is stagnating.

According to official data provided by state authorities, 96% of people who died in Alabama by Covid-19 since April were not fully vaccinated.

According to the epidemiologist Rochelle Walen, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the impact of the Delta variant is “dramatic“since since July 3 its predominance has risen from 50% to 83%.

O The Guardian cites the case of Paula Johnson, a researcher in the pharmaceutical area, postponed taking the vaccine and ended up testing positive for the new coronavirus, having been rushed to the hospital.

couldn’t breathe. Suddenly my lungs just stopped working.” The moment was described by Johnson as a “clash“, so she already wants to get vaccinated and calls on others not to wait, like her, and to get vaccinated.

“I would tell everyone to get the vaccine, to take a risk, it won’t hurt, all you’ll do is alleviate virus symptoms even if they get it — this will help you survive,” he told CBS News.

Faced with the increase in cases and deaths, the White House debates the possibility of recommending the vaccinated people who wear a mask, especially in territories where the Delta variant is spreading rapidly — with the CDC also considering updating its guidelines.

In a large town hall interview given to CNN this week, Joe Biden again urged Americans to give a “very important step” and and get vaccinated.

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