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Tragic accident. Alec Baldwin killed someone on the movie set

American actor Alec Baldwin.

American actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the director of photography of the film he was shooting by firing a prop gun that shouldn’t have been loaded. The film’s director was also injured and is hospitalized.

The deadly victim is 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

But the shots also hurt the film director, Joel Souza, 48, who was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Christus St. Vincent Medical Center outside Santa Fe, southwestern New Mexico.

Joel Souza will be “in critical condition”, according to some North American media.

The victims were hit when “Alec Baldwin fired a firearm used for the footage” from the western “Rust”, and an investigation has already started, according to a statement from the Santa Fe sheriff’s office.

The accident occurred during the afternoon (local time) of Thursday, at the ranch in Bonanza Creek, where several scenes of the western, of which Baldwin is producer and protagonist, were being filmed.

According to investigators, who traveled to the site, the incident appears to have been caused by use, such as prop, from a firearm, fired during a scene in the movie.

“Researchers are investigating what kind of bullet was fired and how“, adds the statement, without mentioning how many shots were fired.

Alec Balwin was interrogated

The sheriff’s spokesman revealed to the media that Alec Baldwin “was interrogated” by the police, who “made statements and answered certain questions”.

“He presented himself voluntarily” and has not yet been the target of any charges, nor has any arrest been made in the case, adds the spokesperson.

Written and directed by Joel Souza, “Rust” tells the story of an outlaw, Harland Rust, played by Alec Baldwin, who comes to the aid of his 13-year-old grandson, sentenced to be hanged for murder.

The 63-year-old Baldwin has become particularly popular in the US in recent years for the Donald Trump imitations on the show “Saturday Night Live”.

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