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Trump accepts transition to US Biden

Trump signaled the start of a formal transition to the Biden government, which in turn celebrated a new step. Image: Reuters
The current president of the United States said on Twitter that he had asked the federal agency responsible for the transition, the General Services Administration (GSA), to ‘do what needs to be done’.

Donald Trump gave the go-ahead on Monday (23/11) for a formal transition between his presidency and that of his successor, Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump said on Twitter that he asked the federal United States responsible for the transition, the General Services Administration (GSA), which “does what needs to be done” in the process, even though it has indicated that it will continue to contest in court the result of the election held earlier this month.

“Our case continues STRONG, we will continue with the good fight, and I believe that we will triumph. However, considering the best interests of the country, I am asking Emily and her team to do what needs to be done regarding the initial protocols, and I asked for my team to do the same, “wrote the current president, referring to Emily Murphy, leading the GSA.

The agency said, in turn, that it is recognizing Biden as an “apparent winner.”

Earlier, Biden’s victory in the state of Michigan was officially certified – confirming a major defeat for Trump.

Certification is the formalization of total votes and the indication of which delegates will represent the State in the Electoral College.

‘I received no guidance to delay my decision’

Murphy said he had not come under pressure from the White House about the timing of his decision.

“In order to be transparent, I have received no instructions to postpone my decision,” he wrote in a letter addressed to Biden as part of the transition protocol.

“I, however, suffered threats online, over the phone and by mail directed at the safety of myself, my family, my team and even my pets in an attempt to coerce myself into making this decision prematurely.”

“Even in the face of thousands of threats, I remained committed to complying with the law.”

On Twitter, Trump also mentioned the threats: “I want to thank Emily Murphy at the GSA for her firm dedication and loyalty to our country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I don’t want to see this happening to her, her family or GSA employees. “

After Murphy’s communication, Biden’s team showed satisfaction.

“Today’s decision is a necessary step to start taking action in the face of the challenges that our country faces, including keeping the pandemic in check and getting our economy back on track,” said a statement.

“This final decision is a definitive administrative action to formally start the transition process with federal agencies”.

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