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Two months in the dark. Valentina Miozzo quarantined alone in the Arctic

Valentina Miozzo

The covid-19 pandemic was a severe blow to forced loneliness for most people, but for Italian Valentina Miozzo it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few moments alone.

In the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, and at a time when polar nights lasted 24 hours, the Italian Valentina Miozzo decided to move to the far north of Norway, within the Arctic Circle.

A native of the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, Valentina saw her life change completely when she decided to venture into solitary quarantine. “December and January were two months of darkness,” he said, quoted by CNN.

The nature and hiking guide usually accompanies Italians on trips abroad, has written a book on sustainable travel around the country and is responsible for the famous blog Viaggiore Libera. His entire life is dedicated to tourism and, in the middle of a pandemic, he could not be an exception.

In September of last year, the travel enthusiast was invited to go to the Arctic Circle to be responsible for an inn – and, at the time, he had no doubts. “I saw the proposal as a beautiful opportunity to visit places I probably would never have chosen to visit.”

A month later, Valentina arrived at Kongsfjord, about 3,862 kilometers north of his former home near Modena, Italy. The municipality, in Norway, has only 28 local inhabitants.

“The nearest supermarket is 40 kilometers away”, the “hospital is almost 321 kilometers away and the airport, small and local, is 64 kilometers away”, the Italian told the British chain. “In the winter, the winds were blowing at 120 km/h and there was ice everywhere, which made it difficult to move.”

Even under the extreme conditions, Valentina Miozzo felt ready for anything and not intimidated by the darkness that was felt 24/7. “It was one amazing experience, live two months completely in the dark.”

Valentina’s stay ended, but the Arctic so conquered her that she decided to rent a house in Kongsfjord.

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