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US election holds record of early votes for president

Donald Trump seeks re-election and tries to defeat Joe Biden Image: Jim Watson and Brendan Smialowski / AFP

A scene is repeated in practically all the United States: long lines of voters voting in advance for the presidential elections, responding to the call for mobilization of the Democrats and, for fear of the pandemic of the coronavirus, less than three weeks from the elections.

More than 25 million Americans voted until 3:00 pm GMT (12 noon in Brasília) on Friday, either by mail or in person, according to a count from the US Elections Project, an online system of electoral statistics at the University of Florida.

These record numbers come amid a strongly polarized election between Republican billionaire Donald Trump, who is running for a second term, and Democrat Joe Biden, who currently leads national polls.

Although the numbers are currently in favor of former Vice President Barack Obama, the election has not yet been decided, warns Professor Michael McDonald, who commands the count.

“The Democrats’ strong vote at this point should not be an indicator that Biden has already won the election,” warned McDonald in an analysis posted on his website.

“Yes, the numbers are very good for Biden, however, Republicans are very likely to appear to vote in person” on November 3, election day.

In all, 43 states and the federal capital, Washington, have established early voting systems for the election.

Nearly 75 million votes were requested or sent by mail, more than double the 33 million in the 2016 elections, and local authorities have set up mailboxes or special points to cast their votes.

These measures respond to strong demand from voters, who are afraid of taking covid-19 if they go to the polls on election day.

In Iowa, a midwestern state where the president held a rally on Wednesday, voting began on October 5, and as of Friday more than 454,000 voters had voted, according to the US Elections Project.

– “Cannibalize” voters-In Georgia (southeast), more than 1.3 million people voted according to the same source. Some of them waited more than 10 hours in the queues.

Early voting began on Thursday in North Carolina (east), where Kaiden Harris, Biden’s running mate, is expected to mobilize Democratic voters in Asheville.

However, the senator had to cancel her visit when she learned that two members of her team tested positive for covid-19.

South Texas has registered a record number of votes since the polls opened on Tuesday. According to preliminary figures, 128,186 people attended the first day, almost double the number four years ago.

Trump has frequently criticized postal voting, arguing that it will lead to “unprecedented scale fraud” for the benefit of his opponent. However, there is no evidence of widespread irregularities in previous votes.

His campaign team accuses the Democratic Party of “irresponsibly alienating voters from the polls and cannibalizing voters on election day in favor of voting by mail.”

“Republicans will appear in person on election day and re-elect the president Trump”The president’s campaign spokeswoman, Thea McDonald, told The Washington Post.

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