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US market fight ends with man without pants, escape and viral video

In two days, video had 3.8 million views on Twitter Image: Reproduction

The video of a fight between two customers in a market in Lauderhill, a city in the US state of Florida, surpassed the mark of 3.8 million views in just two days.

The images were published on Monday morning (23) by Darien Rollins on his Twitter account. In them, two men grapple, while the pants of one of them fall.

According to Local10.com, the fight started when one of the men opened the door of the establishment to other patrons. The other involved did not like the gesture, although the reason was not explicit.

The two then start a fight, while a third man tries to separate them. “Get out of there, get out of there,” asks a female voice from the third man, who leaves. “Yeah, man, get out,” reinforces Rollins while recording.

“Gentlemen, please,” repeats the female voice. While the two fight, the pants of one of those involved will gradually fall.

The fight goes on for a few minutes, causing damage to the market. When one of those involved appears dominated on the floor, the other gets up, pulls up his pants and runs away to escape – at the same time as police arrived at the scene.

None of those involved have registered complaints, according to the website. The establishment, in turn, asked that the two do not return to the place.

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