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USA: Nurse is asked to marry while vaccinating boyfriend against covid

The marriage proposal took place while the nurse administered the vaccine to apply to her boyfriend Image: Eric Vander-Lee / Reproduction / MetroUK

Paramedic Robby Vargas-Cortes, 31, and her boyfriend, nurse Eric Vander-Lee, 26, are helping to fight the pandemic. What Eric did not expect is that he would be proposed to while he was vaccinating his boyfriend against covid-19 in the USA.

Robby decided to go to the clinic where her boyfriend works in order to be vaccinated against the virus and kept a surprise up his sleeve (literally): the ring he would use to place the order was on his arm.

The paramedic then raised the sleeve of his blouse to receive the injection in his arm, when Eric, who was preparing to administer the vaccine, was shocked to find an engagement ring on his companion’s arm, where the vaccine should be administered.

Robby (left) proposed to boyfriend Eric (right) - Eric Vander-Lee / Reproduction / MetroUK - Eric Vander-Lee / Reproduction / MetroUK

Robby (left) proposed to boyfriend Eric (right) Image: Eric Vander-Lee / Reproduction / MetroUK

Robby said: “I planned it a week in advance, I thought it would be a really memorable thing for us. I wanted this to mark the turning of a new page after a bad year. There were only two nurses doing the vaccines, so I made sure to get into Eric’s queue. I asked one of my co-workers to film him, but they were the only people who knew [do pedido]”.

Eric said he thought his boyfriend had made a joke by putting the ribbon on his arm before realizing that there was a ring in the area.

“He [Robby] rolled up his sleeve and I saw the tape on his arm. I thought he was just making fun of where I need to put the needle. But then I saw the outline of the ring and it hit me. I wanted to crawl under a rock to be honest because I hate attention, but I was so surprised and so happy. This means that we can start a new chapter in our life. Although there is a pandemic going on, it shows that love does not go away. “

The ordering video shows Robby lifting her shirt sleeve, removing the ring from her arm, and then making the proposal. Finally, the couple shares an emotional hug amid applause from the small audience.

Despite the romantic moment, the couple failed to celebrate Eric’s “yes” to the request because Robby had to run out minutes after the marriage proposal and get vaccinated to meet an emergency, according to Metro UK.

Robby and Eric – who received the vaccination in December – have been at the forefront of fighting the virus for several months. Eric volunteered last month to administer the covid-19 vaccines at Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center in the state of South Dakota.

Eric lost his grandfather to the coronavirus last year and explained that he wants his and Robby’s story to give “hope” to others who have lost someone in the last year.

The nurse also said that the couple plans to marry in 2022 with the paramedic.

“I will enjoy this moment for the rest of my life. I hope it gives hope to other people too, and makes people smile. It would be great if we could make a difference in the lives of people with our history.”

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