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Video with nude models on balcony goes viral and ends in Dubai prisons

A video of naked women on a balcony in Dubai caused the arrest of a group of people, accused of indecent exposure. The obscene images went viral on social media in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday afternoon (3), drawing the authorities’ attention to the models and organizers.

The 15 women were in a building in the luxurious Marina district to record an advertisement for an Israeli pornography website, as reported by the tabloid The Sun. However, the dissemination of pornographic material is a crime in the Arab country, which has sharia-based laws. and has already arrested people for kissing in public.

Those involved in the video were framed by the UAE Public Decency Act on account of nudity and other “obscene behaviors”. The punishment for the crime can reach up to six months in prison or a fine of 5,000 dirhams (R $ 7,700).

Dubai police issued a statement, via Twitter, explaining that the prisoners for the video are being investigated by the prosecution. “This unacceptable behavior,” as written in the police report, “does not reflect the values ​​and ethics of UAE society.”

The United Arab Emirates can be considered a country with liberal laws, compared to other neighboring countries in the Middle East. However, strict laws regarding freedom of expression are imposed in the country of the seven sheikhs, which even prohibit access to pornography sites.

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