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What is globalism and why is it so mentioned during a pandemic?

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The new coronavirus is it a strategy for the UN (United Nations), WHO (World Health Organization) and China to dominate the world? This speech has been gaining momentum since the beginning of the pandemic, especially among those who call themselves antiglobalists. On social networks and blogs on the Internet, groups claim that the virus is created in laboratory or it is used by international institutions to destroy nations. This international conspiracy theory is called globalism.

In Brazil, the term predominates in the government wing sympathetic to Olavo de Carvalho’s ideas, which antiglobalist and in defense of national interests. The speech has gained space in the Itamaraty, under the leadership of olavista Ernesto Araújo. For anti-globalists, the pandemic, isolation and even the use of masks is part of a worldwide plan to destroy sovereignties.

There is no clear definition of what globalism is even among academics. “Groups will use this term, mainly from a critical point of view, to say that there are a number of internationally articulated groups that try to remove national motivations and make national borders lose paper”, explains the professor of international relations at Fundação Getúlio Vargas Pedro Brites.

The term comes together with the growth of international institutions in the post-war period, such as the League of Nations – now UN -, but it is after the Cold War that it acquired the characteristics it has today. “In the 1990s, which is considered the golden decade of the UN, this is where you effectively have a more active role for these institutions and several international crises. So the concept of globalism is very much linked to this new international moment in the first phase”, explains Brites.

Who are the anti-globalists and what do they say?

Anti-globalist discourse tends to gain popularity among populist nationalist politicians against opponents of the left and center in favor of globalization. In the United States, President Donald Trump stands against globalism. In Brazil, rhetoric is found in Chancellor Ernesto Araújo, in guru Olavo de Carvalho, in Bolsonaro’s international affairs advisor, Filipe Martins, and in the son of President and Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL).

[O globalismo] essentially it is an anti-human and anti-Christian system. Faith in Christ today means fighting against globalism, the ultimate goal of which is to break the connection between God and man, making man a slave and God irrelevant.Chancellor Ernesto Araújo on his Metapolitical Blog17

Globalism exercised a religious influence on previous leaders, causing them to ignore their own national interests. Those days are over. […] The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.US President Donald Trump, in speech at the 74th UN General Assembly

Globalism is the ideology that calls for the construction of a bureaucratic apparatus – global in scope, centralizing and not very transparent – capable of controlling, managing and guiding the spontaneous flows of globalization according to certain power projects. Do not confuse one thing with another.Special advisor to the Presidency, Filipe Martins, on his Twitter

That globalism is a revolutionary process, there is no denying it. And it is the broadest and most ambitious process of all. It encompasses a radical change not only in power structures, but in society, education, morals, and even the most intimate reactions of the human soul. It is a complete civilizational project and its demand for power is the highest and most voracious that has ever been seen.Olavo de Carvalho on his blog

The pandemic has been the perfect laboratory for globalists. There are people who keep saying that ‘ah, Eduardo, this is conspiracy theory, there is no globalism’. But we have seen, even here in Brazil, bodies and courts passing over the Ministry of Health and the state health secretariats based on WHO arguments. In other words, it placed WHO above national bodies.Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro in a lecture at Funag

Who are the globalists, according to the anti-globalists?

Although international institutions like the UN and its ramifications or like WHO do not have deliberative power over countries, that is, they do not order or control their actions, they only recommend attitudes, the anti-globalists see them as the pillars of the globalist agenda.

In addition to organizations, China and its growth as a political and economic actor is often seen as a tool of world domination. Entrepreneurs like George Soros and Bill Gates would also make up that list.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor and founder of the philanthropic agency Open Society Foundations that funds civil society groups worldwide. For anti-globalists, Soros represents the worst of globalism.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also become a target of anti-globalists due to his philanthropic actions. Its foundation even donated millions of dollars to fight the new coronavirus and to develop a vaccine.

Crises favor the resurgence of the term

The discussion about globalism resurfaces from time to time, or “in waves”, according to Professor Pedro Brites. He says that the reason behind these “waves” is not known, but in general, political and economic crises and dissatisfactions are favorable times.

“Usually these returns [do termo] they appear in times of crisis, when you have groups within society that are feeling harmed by the advance of globalization and the internationalization of companies and capital “, he explains.

“Political actors will take advantage of this hopelessness on the part of the population and use globalism as an argument in order to justify their criticism of international institutions and the international economy.”

With a health crisis like the coronavirus it would not be different, especially with the role assumed by WHO. The Brazilian chancellor himself said that the coronavirus would be an opportunity to “accelerate the globalist project” by “granting power to international entities”.

“It doesn’t make sense after all the rhetoric you’ve built, that you simply adhere to the speeches of these international institutions, like the WHO,” says Brites. “Then it ends up reinforcing the need for you to oppose yourself. You will say that this is false and that it is a Chinese virus.”

“This type of argument is very focused on being able to maintain the legitimacy of this globalist discourse, but also remembering that these populist governments have the characteristic of maintaining an idea of ​​a constant enemy”, says the professor.

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