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What is Lag Ba’omer, the Jewish holiday in which at least 44 people died

The exact cause of the accident is still unknown. It may have been due to a collapsed scene, to which the crowd of people from the area would be added.

This Thursday night was recorded a serious incident during a Jewish pilgrimage in northern Israel that killed at least 44 people, as reported by several local media outlets. The event was reported as a stampede where more than a hundred people were injured.

The images that transpired show a large numbers of people gathered as part of a religious celebration held at Monte Merón, Galilee, without any major restrictions, after the country has returned almost to full normality, as part of a rapid vaccination operation against covid-19.

The Lag Ba’omer festival, attended by tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews, marking the celebration with songs and dances, is the 33rd day of Omer, a period that marks the beginning of seven weeks before the holiday begins. from Shavuot, the day that commemorates the delivery of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Omer, remembers the day when a plague sent by God ceased and killed 24,000 students of the great Rabbi Akiva, because they were not treated with respect.

Rabbi Akiva

In the party that started this year on the night of Thursday, April 29, it is to remember these students and their punishments during this period. However, on the 33rd day of Omer, that is, at Lag Ba’omer, God put an end to the plague, which means for the Jews that it is time to have fun.

For centuries, that day was celebrated by entering the forest with bows and arrows, making big bonfires.

This tradition is due to the fact that during the time when Israel was under the rule of the Roman Empire, Torah study was strictly prohibited, so students went out into the forest with bows and arrows to prevent soldiers from realizing that they would study the Torah and make them believe that they would hunt.

Although, This celebration is also based on other traditions related to the death of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, famous mystic who is credited with authoring the Zohar (central book of the cabalistic current) and a disciple of Rabbi Akiva, who supported Bar Kochba, who led a violent but unsuccessful revolt against Roman rule in 132 BC. Ç.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Shimon Bar Yojai, fled the Roman rulers in Jerusalem. Legend has it that he spent years hiding in a cave, caused only by water from a well and carob trees. Shimon Bar Yojai is believed to have died in Lag Ba’omer.

In Israel, hundreds of thousands of Jews make a pilgrimage to their tomb on Mount Meron on this date. They celebrate his life on this day by turning the city into a big party.

Unfortunately, on the first night of this year’s celebration, there was a dramatic incident that claimed the lives of several dozen people.

Tragedy in Israel left nearly 50 dead

Tragedy in Israel left nearly 50 dead

The exact cause that caused the accident is still unknown. It may have been due to a collapsed scene, to which the crowd of people from the area would have been added.

“Our volunteers in the area explain that there was a collapse due to overcrowding and people fell on top of each other,” causing many to “flee the scene” and find themselves in a more saturated situation, said a spokesman for the Israeli emergency service United Hatzalah.

The Israeli army was deployed to help evacuate the wounded and provide “medical treatment” on the ground. According to local media, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident “a terrible disaster”.

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