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Wife and lover have sex after killing husband in England

Crime happened in May; couple expected to receive conviction in December Image: Bill Oxford / Getty Images

Melanie Wright, 48, and Barry Chapman, 34, kicked Nigel Wright and then had sex at the scene in May of that year in the English city of Peterborough. The suspects “were found guilty of murder” and are due to be convicted in a hearing on December 11, according to a BBC report.

The secret extramarital affair between the woman and Chapman was already the target of mistrust by the victim herself, who confided the suspicion to a friend, according to Karim Khalil, the prosecutor of the investigation. On May 25, Chapman’s birthday, a neighbor called the police who, arriving at the scene, knocked on the door and waited for the man to “put on his clothes”, as the prosecutor reports.

Then the officer entered the residence and found Nigel Wright lying on the floor, motionless and bleeding from the head. According to the prosecutor, the victim was pronounced dead still at the scene, and the forensic team detected “clear evidence of traumatic brain injury”.

During the trial at Peterborough Crown Court, jurors were told that Chapman had lived with the couple since December 2019, but was previously homeless. The report did not say how close Chapman was to the couple.

Khalil also said, in a jury, that after the murder, the suspects “went into the garden for some fresh air” before “getting rid of their clothes and deciding to satisfy their desire for sex”.

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