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Woman receives four immunity certificates – and none are valid


The Hungarian government is issuing cards that guarantee that a person is, in theory, immune to the coronavirus. But not everything goes well.

life on the streets of Hungary it is different from what you live in Portugal (and in most European countries). Because of the European 2020 football, which also takes place in Budapest, we have seen the freedom with which one circulates in Hungary, where the mask is no longer a seen utensil.

The measures are different, official restrictions are less and recently the government has also decided to issue a immunity certificate, given to everyone who has received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and to those who have recovered from Covid-19. Anyone with a certificate can enter restaurants, bars, gyms, libraries, swimming pools…

The process of issuing certificates has not gone very well because there have been several complaints from citizens.

And this document did not help a woman who lives in the residential area of ​​Zugló, in the capital Budapest.

Irén Kiss Béláné told ATV Híradó television that when he received his certificate, he noticed that the ID number indicated on the document is not valid, has already expired. He alerted the local government, so he went to Budapest City Hall, where he filed a written complaint explaining the confusion.

Two weeks later, he received a new immunity certificate, which had the same problem. Later the third certificate – again with the wrong number. Last week, Irén received the fourth certificate of immunity, equally invalid.

In other words, this reformed Zugló has already received four immunity certificates but cannot use any.

Irén protested for yet another reason: she was informed that, in order to change her certificate, she would have to pay. About 8.5 euros for each exchange.

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