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Young man seeks crush who found her cell phone lost, but end is sad

Cherie Jones wrote on Tik Tok: ‘Help me find the man who turned my phone over to safety after a storm at a festival’ Image: Reproduction / TikTok / vodkalimesoda

Australian Cherie Jones lost her cell phone after a storm interrupted the festival of music In The Park New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve 2018, in Sydney, Australia. When recovering the device and watching a video recorded by a boy who found the device, the woman fell in love and even tried to find it on TikTok. But, the romantic story did not have a happy ending.

The young man named Nick had found the phone by accident and took the item of value to the security team at the event. But before that, he recorded a video with a friend, in which he tries to unconcern the owner of the device.

“Don’t worry, we have your phone,” he says. “We are going to deliver it to security,” the boy makes clear.


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It turns out that Cherie was delighted with the unexpected message – and she was also attracted to Nick. Only two years later, she posted the video on TikTok, hoping to find it.

In the social media post she writes: “help me find the man who handed my phone over to security after a storm at a festival”. Soon after, Nick’s video appears with a spicy song.


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But, the passion she felt for the boy did not last long. Nick’s best friend identified the guy in the video Cherie posted on TikTok. Then, the girl in love finally found out: the attractive boy was unfortunately already engaged.

She posted a new video on Tik Tok explaining the “out” she took and showing messages from Nick confirming that he was already flirting with someone else.

“I said, everything is fine. I’m a little disappointed but it’s okay,” wrote the young woman with a broken heart.

Despite everything, soon after she smiles at the video and sends an encouragement to other single women. “Don’t be afraid to fire your shot, girls!”


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