Harden’s trade numbers for the Brooklyn Nets


The transfer agreed this Wednesday of the star guard James Harden, of the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn nets, with the participation of Indiana pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, immediately ‘set fire’ to social media with comments full of surprise and frustration.

The truth is that very seldom the NBA ecosystem, which helps young stars reinforce the worst teams from the previous season through the draft, puts a James Harden-level star on the market easily.

We are talking about a NBA megastar, which comes from signing historic and impressive seasons on offense with the Houston Rockets, and that from now on will form a new big-three with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, with whom he already coincided in his stage in the Oklahoma city thunder (from 2009 to 2012).

It is a movement with which Options to get the ring for the Brooklyn Nets are real. It’s about a strategic move to win and to win now, to be able to fight the ring with those who start favorites, Los Angeles Lakers of Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

The transfer at an economic level

However, economically This is a difficult handover for New Yorkers in which you play a card, win yes or yes.

The Nets mortgage their future in the draft until 2027. It is about the first 4 rounds and the possibility of exchanging another first 4 rounds.

Salary they are in a difficult situation. The Brooklynites meet second in the top teams with the highest salary mass. The cost of the Brooklyn Nets roster is 163,523,743 million dollars.

Despite the fact that with the marches of two important players like Caris LeVert and Jarrett allen, the Nets save the $ 52.5 billion for 3 seasons of Caris LeVert and the Jarrett Allen’s $ 9.571.440 million over 2 seasons.

The ex of the Houston Rockets Bill to 41,254,920 million dollars this season, which will amount to $ 44,310,840 million in the 2021/22 season and $ 47,366,760 million in the 2022/23 season.

The new player of the Brooklyn nets is already the player highest paid franchise, where second is Kevin Durant with $ 39,058,950 million this season and in third place it follows Kyrie irving with $ 33,460,350 million this season 2020/21.

We are talking about what James Harden will be the third highest paid player in the NBA next season, behind of Stephen Curry 43M, Chris Paul 41.3M and Russell westbrook with 41.3M.

Is he highest paid fifth baseman this season and it is expected that the next season rise to number 3.

Harden is earning 8% more than in the 2019/20 season, according to data from Hoopshype.

A play that we must wait to see if it goes well for Brooklyn nets or if on the contrary, it turns out well for the Rockets with failure the Nets and with good players in the draft.

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