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    How to bet on over under in basketball?

    Sports betting has different types of betting markets bettors can wager on. This includes futures bet, match bet, prop bet, spread bet, over under and more. In this article, the focus will be on basketball over under. Points are scored when a team scores a basket in basketball be it a 2-point shot or three-point shot or free throws.

    Basketball over under predictions are used to increase the awareness and knowledge of the topic and bet safely on the sportsbooks. Bookies provide the markets and the basketball odds and the experts do research and analysis on the matches before posting the predictions. They make use of latest statistics, betting news, h2h, injury news and betting odds for the analysis.

    The sure basketball tips are not selected from only NBA games – They are selected from top leagues and tournaments: Euroleague, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Afrobasket, Eurobasket, FIBA Africa Basketball League, Summer Olympic basketball tournament and more.

    There are so many forms of over under bets like individual over under, half over under, quarter over under and player over under. As you continue to know more about how to bet an over under on basketball, you will understand them better.

    What is an over under bet in basketball?

    The over under bet in basketball is a bet on points total in a game. This is a total of the points made by the teams. Whether it is NBA basketball or college basketball, no need to worry about the winner/loser of the match. For this betting option, be concerned with the offence and defence of both teams and how many points they will score in 48 minutes. 

    Let’s take the 2022 NBA finals game 6: Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics. The totals bet line was at over/under 211.5 on top betting sites. The Warriors won the game 103-90 winning the NBA Championship 4-2.

    The final score was 103-90, the total point was 193 (103+90). A bet on under 211.5 will win because the points total was less than 211.5, while an over 211.5 will lose because they didn’t score 212 points or more.

    Individual total is another betting option in this betting market. The bet is made on the team’s total point. In the NBA game, Golden State scored 103 points. The line can be set at 100. So wagers are made on either over 100 or under 100 points. If a punter bets on over 100 points, they will win because the NBA team individually scored more than 100 points.

    The player total is a wager on the number of points a player winner will score in the game. Elite players like Kevin Durant and Lebron James can give you a 30+ points game on a good day. A bet can be made on Lebron at over 27.5 points. If he scores 28 or more points in that game you win. 

    There are two halves and four quarters in a basketball game. You can wager on the total number of points in the 1st quarter or the other quarters. The basketball odds can be found on popular bookies, an example is fanduel sportsbook. 

    How to place an over under bet on basketball?

    Get a legal bookmaker like fanduel sportsbook where you can wager on the basketball over/under predictions. Register on their website and set up an account with them. After setting it up, deposit the money you want to stake.

    Go to the basketball section, different leagues and tournaments are there. Select the league, pick the game and the betting markets will be there with the odds. If you are selecting an NBA game right beside the options are the NBA odds. 

    The odds are regulated by the bookies. Next thing is to confirm if the selections tally with the basketball picks, then place the bet.

    Top points to consider when doing over under bets on basketball

    Experts make use of strategies when doing basketball over under bets. After using them for the research and analysis they publish the tips.

    Statistics: This shows the breakdown of the teams performances, their offensive and defensive output, the possession, how many points were averaged in the previous games and more. This is very broad because it touches the player as well. You can check how many points Steph Curry is averaging, assists and rebounds. It gives a lot of info on the gameplay of NBA teams and their players.

    Head-to-head record: This is a result of the previous matchups of both teams. What the experts pick out from this is the points average in the previous h2h games, probably the last five meetings. Look at the trend, if the teams have been going over, it is very likely they’ll follow the same pattern. 

    Betting news: Updates from the betting sites gives an insight on how to bet. When the market is favourable and the predictions are available. It’s advisable to wager early to get the best odds.

    Team news: The injury news, suspensions and unavailability help to know who is available on the roster. If the team’s best players are injured or suspended, best believe that it will have an impact on the performance. If you wager on over and this happens and they go under, you lose the bet and money. It’s better to check the lineup.

    These are top points to consider before betting on the basketball over/under predictions, it helps to avoid errors and prevent losses. 


    At this point, you should have understood how to bet an over/under on basketball, where to bet and strategies to use. Over/under bet is always available in the leagues and tournaments. Check them out in the betting markets section. Get your own strategies so you compare them with the analysis made in the basketball predictions. Also, explore other betting options available: Moneyline bet, NBA futures, prop bets, etc.

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