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Indiana Pacers beat Portland Trail Blazers 87-111

Indiana Pacers managed to win against Portland Trail Blazers away by 87-111 in a new NBA day. Previously, Portland Trail Blazers players managed to win on the road against Sacramento Kings by 126-132. For their part, the Indiana Pacers also won at home to Golden state warriors 95-104 and after the game they accumulate a streak of three victories in the last five games. With this result, Indiana Pacers accumulates eight victories in 12 games played in the competition, while Portland Trail Blazers he remains with seven victories in 12 games played. Check the NBA standings after the game.

In the first quarter there were several movements on the scoreboard until ending with a result of 26-26. Later, during the second quarter the visitors managed to distance themselves on the scoreboard, in fact, they achieved a 19-2 run during the quarter and reached a difference of 25 points (34-59) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 10-33. After this, the players came to rest with a 36-59 in the light.

In the third quarter the players of Portland Trail Blazers They cut distances in the electronic, in fact, they got a partial during this quarter of 10-2 and the quarter ended with a partial result of 35-25 (71-84). Finally, in the course of the last quarter the visiting team increased its distance, in fact, the team achieved a partial 11-2 and had a maximum difference of 27 points (82-109) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 16 -27. After all this, the clash ended with a final result of 87-111 in favor of Indiana Pacers.

During the match, they highlighted Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon for their participation in the game, after getting 23 points, five assists and 15 rebounds and 25 points, seven assists and five rebounds respectively. For its part, the local team stood out Damian Lillard and Cj Mccollum, with 22 points, four assists and six rebounds and 22 points, four assists and three rebounds respectively.

After winning the match, in the next duel Indiana Pacers will measure his strength with Phoenix suns at Phx Arena, while Portland Trail Blazers will be measured with Atlanta Hawks at Fashion Center. Follow the NBA schedule in full.

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