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James Harden surprises with his weight gain

A few hours ago on social networks a video appeared in which you could see the basketball player James Harden during a training session. So far everything normal, if it were not because the media have not passed unnoticed the weight gain of this NBA player. Last December, the media already announced that Harden had changed his body composition and had gained kilos.

Since December, controversy has been mounting over whether Harden has actually gained weight or not. Some other Twitter user has commented that the important thing about the captured images is the perspective, the player is still in shape as always. But the truth is that it is difficult to accept this theory, since since his return to the Houston Rockets more and more people have said that he has gained weight. In addition, his return to the court has been preceded by a good vacation in Las Vegas, which further reinforces the fact that he has put on weight.

James Harden thus adds another controversy around him. The last, and most important, It was her caught in a strip club in the middle of the pandemic of coronavirus. This leak put him in real trouble with the media and his fans.

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