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    NBA leadership talks about possible protocol changes

    Once again the NBA is at a crucial moment in its season. Last March this happened and forced the leadership to postpone their season until the bubble in Orlando was set.

    In order to avoid this possibility, the leadership of the league of some teams are meeting to see what changes can be made in order not to spread more infections in the campuses.

    On Monday afternoon the games between New Orleans and Dallas Mavericks and Boston and Miami were postponed as teams do not have the required number of players available due to testing positive for COVID-19.

    This has happened in recent days when teams like Philadelphia came to their respective games with the minimum number of eight players to play their confrontation.

    This same team also suffered the exclusion of Seth Curry last Thursday in the middle of the game against the Brooklyn Nets and had to leave the arena as soon as possible.


    During the emergency meeting between the leadership of the league and the players’ union, they discussed the possible changes that would be made to avoid exposure to the virus of the teams.

    According to journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, he indicated that one of the changes would be to not have a field recognition the morning before the games. This measure was resisted by the players.

    And what begins to be seen is the possibility of another stoppage in the league since there are teams that will not be able to play future games since most of their teams will have to comply with the protocol quarantine.

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